Fabiana Filippi

Der junge italienische Edelstricker. 

Fabiana Filippi

Aktuelle Kollektion von Fabiana Filippi

Eine italienische handwerkliche Kollektion mit Materialakzenten, perfektem Materialmix von femininer Spitze bis zum Ledermantel mit Musterperforation.


Über Fabiana Filippi
The history of Fabiana Filippi is strongly rooted in the passion and pragmatism of its founders.

This story of Italian entrepreneurship began in 1985 in the heart of Umbria, conventionally embodying the authentically “Made in Italy”. Here the tradition of craftsmanship and the love of excellence meet a contemporary view of design.

Today Fabiana Filippi is one of the leading brands in the valuable Italian-made fashion. The brand is distributed in 30 countries throughout the world and is promoted in the main fashion capitals, including Milan, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Moscow. A profoundly human business with a strong professional ethics, arose in a unique place to offer a refined and intimate lifestyle.

Craftsmanship is an absolute asset in Fabiana Filippi’s ideology. The Italian manufacture stands out decisively with a perfect balance of product quality and style.

The fibre is worked in such a refined and precise way that it maintains its delicate nature and enhances preciousness. Springing from the passion for tradition and what is handmade, the working techniques express harmonious lines and exact proportions. This creative purity is revealed by a recognizable and timeless design.

Attention to detail means primarily choosing the finest raw materials and then ensuring quality to each single stage of the business process.
A sophisticated and elegant woman. Electing Fabiana Filippi means embracing a naturally refined style, where the language of “being” overlooks the clamour of fashion. The brand proposes an elegance far from uniformity; a sense of timeless beauty meant to be interpreted through the wearer’s personality.

Fabiana Filippi’s collections offer up an exclusive modern style, consistent with the brand’s philosophy. It’s a distinctive taste away from boundaries, conveying both functionality and aesthetics. An harmonious and detailed style, where simplicity stands for understatement.

Fabiana Filippi’s product asserts the same natural passion of love, smile and dream.

Fabiana Filippi is committed to developing a sustainable growth in compliance with the eco-system. This includes showing respect for society, both locally and globally. The company invests in lowering the environmental impact of its working methods, asking the same commitment to its suppliers.

Fabiana Filippi looks after the health of its employees by preserving the safety of the environments where they work and always reviving the level of job satisfaction.

Each style signed by Fabiana Filippi carries with it the unconditional engagement to doing business in the most ethically-correct way, respecting laws, consumers, employees and nature.